Ad – hoc communications

Ad-hoc communications

Antenna and RF design and development

Big data networking

Big data networking, AI/machine learning for IoT communications

Cloud computing

Cloud computing and fog computing

Cognitive radio and networks

Cooperative communications

Cryptography and network security

D2D and M2M communications

Data mining and big data applications

Emerging WLANs, WPANs and WMANs

Fifth generation (5G) mobile communications

Game theory applications

Game theory for communications

Green communications and energy efficiency

Heterogeneous networks and small cells

ICT for smart cities

ICT for smart transportations and smart cities

Image processing, video compression and coding

Information security and privacy

Information theory, channel coding and joint source channel coding

Internet and multimedia

Machine Learning for wireless communications

Metrics and models for QoE

Multi-antenna and beamforming systems

Multimedia and virtual reality

Network algorithms and metaheuristics

Network coding techniques

Network design

Network economics

Network functions virtualization and software defined networking

Network optimization

Network survivability and reliability

Optical communications and technologies

Optical networks and converged optical-wireless networks

Pervasive and mobile computing

Powerline communications

Protocols, architectures and applications for the Internet of things

QoS provision and management

Satellite & space communications

Self – organizing/self – deploying networks

Self-organizing/self-deploying networks

Semantic networks

Sensor networks

Signal processing for communications

Smart grid communications

Software radio

Standards for communications and networking

Telecommunications modeling, policy and technology

Terahertz communications

Traffic routing

Vehicle and mobile computing

Vehicular networking

Wireless and broadband networks

Wireless communication testbed measurements and modelling

Wireless communication testbeds, measurements and modelling

Wireless optical communications and VLC

Wireless sensor and actuator networks